2004-05-14, Demo The Hage

14th of may, The Hague (den Haag). This was one of the Software Action Days in May . There were about 70 of us. See also DemoDenHaag.

9:35, getting the gear. The white long box contains the 8m long banner

9:47, waiting for the others to come. The three booklets contain the 11000 subscriptions we are about to offer to the ministry of economy

9:50 The police arive...

9:51 Unrolling of the banner. Someone did a great job designing and printing it!

9:53 The green you see as backgroud of the image on the board are actually the 11000 names of the signees. (blurred out slightly so they are unreadable, some signees may not want their names made too public).

9:54 Only 6 minutes to go, and still a lot of nerds haven't turned up jet...

10:00 If you don't have to account for delays in trains/traffic jams, you can plan to arrive just on time.

10:01 Waiting for someone from the ministry.

10:12 Our delegation about to enter the ministry of Economy.

9:17 The discussions behind closed doors have started, for us the big wait...

11:58 They've been inside now for almost two hours. What is taking them so long? We are joking that maybe ministry has a few virus-infected windows-boxes that the ministry wants asked our delegation to fix...

12:15 After 2 hours inside, they are still alive!

12:18 Well, the gist of the discussion inside was: Brinkhorst, the minister plans vote in favour of the software patends, but he sometimes is self-willed, so he may also vote against. If we want to influence the desicion, the only way we can do so is by political means; arguments won't help.

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Joost Witteveen
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